Should I Get One of the New Amazon Kindles?

by Greg Perry (Ask Me Anything Here, I’ll Reply to You!)

People keep asking me, “Should I get one of the new Kindles?” My answer (and you KNOW I’m the go-to guy!) is:

  • Scenario A: If you have a tablet that you already like, stick with it as long as you’ve downloaded the free Kindle app. NO don’t get a Kindle also.
  • Scenario B: If you have last year’s Kindle Fire, YES probably I’d upgrade to the large Kindle for two VERY good reasons: 1. The new one reads eBooks aloud! FINALLY. Only a couple of older Kindles did that. NOW we can once again read OR listen to our books which makes driving a pleasure once again. 2. The larger screen really does make a big difference when using your Kindle for Internet browsing and Facebook’ing over last year’s Kindle Fire.
  • Scenario C: You have no tablet or Kindle Fire but you only have an older Kindle or none at all and you own no late model tablet: YES, get the new, larger Kindle for these reasons: 1. You can download one free eBook a month from Amazon that is in the Amazon Prime program as many of them are. (Not allowed if you have another tablet using a Kindle app.) 2. The power and speed of the new, large Kindle is great, far better than the already good Kindle Fire from last year.


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